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8 Responses

  1. Howard Loomis says:

    I thought that I would let you know that my Doctor has put me on the pills to help me with my M.S. I will not be needing Avonex no more. The Doctor has hooked me up with a Pharmacy out of Seattle Washington for now. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME.

    Thank You
    Howard Loomis

  2. june solomon says:

    I have been trying to reach you for days,and when i try to answer a message you leave me i am on hold so long that noone ever answers my call. i have been trying for weeks to comply with your questions and need answers. i receive calls and letters asking for the same answers that i hav already sent you. if u leave a message please give me your extension number.
    i have been waiting on hold now for 25 minutes

  3. George McTigue says:

    I am trying to contact you by phone. I have been on hold for 52 minutes. I need to find out the status of my Copaxone re-fill ? I have not received it yet so I need help tracking it. I have one dosage left for Monday !! Please help.
    Thanks, George

  4. George McTigue says:

    I was just cut off after waiting for an hour to speak to someone. So that is my experience. Please call me back ASAP


  5. I just started with the Keytruda. I have had my second treatment last week. I have discovered a big bruise on my left side of my neck. Is this anything to be worried about. How many mg am I suppose to have each 3 week period. I have been given 100mg. Is that too much. I also have muscle ache and bone pain. I take aleve it takes 9 hours to become effective. then I don’t have any pain for 24 hrs. then it starts all over again. should I be taking any herbs with this med. I was taking hemp oil but I stopped. what vitamins should I be taking if any. I do take a lot. I also removed my chain from my neck I thought that might be the cause. Don’t know. should I call my doctor about this or should I wait for my next treatment.

  6. howard says:

    Hi Patricia-
    You have emailed – we are an online pharmacy review site. Please check the number to your pharmacy and call them directly or call another medical professional.

  7. howy marms says:

    Hi had a question if pickup for prescription is possible

  8. Keith Baillieul says:

    is there anyone there? i have been on hold since 3:33. please some one pick up!

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